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Why Andy Warhol Has Been Famous for Over 32,082,889 Minutes

| August 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

“I usually accept people on the basis of their self-images, because their self-images have more to do with the way they think than their objective-images do.” —From The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 1975 You have to hand it to Andy Warhol. For a silly-looking guy reminiscent of Gollum in a mad-scientist wig, he had, and still […]

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The Best and Worst Places to Be Gay — [INFOGRAPHIC]

| July 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

  Glittersnipe would like to thank Thuy Do for her wonderful infographic and our partner in this project: PromoCode4Share, which is a wonderful website to get sales codes for everything from Urban Outfitters, Ebay, and even Amazon. We invite you to visit them and we thank them for providing us with this informative and fun […]

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What Is the Real Meaning of Happiness — And How Do You Find It?

| July 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

 “I do not bring back from the journey quite the same self that I took.” – Somerset Maugham Upon returning home from journeys to Burma, India, Bangladesh, or Ethiopia, I am often asked how I could deal with seeing the poverty. Or worse: variations of dismissals: “I just can’t go to those places and see […]

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From Texts to Tweets: Everything the NSA Knows About You [Just the Facts]

What information does the NSA collect and how? We don’t know all of the different types of information the NSA collects, however, several secret collection programs have been revealed: A record of most calls made in the U.S., including the telephone number of the phones making and receiving the call, and how long the call […]

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When the Guarded Become the Groped: Sexual Assault on Boys — by Women

The older authority figure wins the trust of the young target by cultivating a false friendship, having heart-to-heart conversations, giving gifts, offering protection. And then the sex ensues, sometimes forced, sometimes seemingly consensual. It is a classic predatory tactic known as “grooming,” and no one familiar with it could have been terribly surprised when a […]

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DOMA Nearly Down the Drain and Prop 8 Punted — But What Does That Really Mean?

| June 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

The last couple of weeks must have wreaked havoc on the sanity on your average African-American lesbian applying for college and registering to vote. Every couple of days the Supreme Court announced a decision on some long-awaited, high profile case with direct impact on her life.  First, the conservative justices took a bite out of […]

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Fact-Checking the NSA: What Really Happened Before the September 11th Attacks

In defending the NSA’s sweeping collection of Americans’ phone call records, Obama administration officials have repeatedly pointed out how it could have helped thwart the 9/11 attacks: If only the surveillance program been in place before Sept. 11, 2001, U.S. authorities would have been able to identify one of the future hijackers who was living […]

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Making Millions Off the Backs of Unpaid Workers — ‘Black Swan’ Takes the Lead

A federal judge, last week, issued the first major ruling on the illegality of unpaid internships in recent years, challenging a rise in corporate reliance on uncompensated workers. Judge William H. Pauley III ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures violated U.S. and New York minimum wage laws by not paying two production interns for work done […]

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Why Your Meme is a Hot Mess: The Eight Dos and Don’ts of Graphic Design

While the tools and techniques to present large datasets in graphics and news apps may differ from project to project, the basic design principles stay pretty much the same. Many of these principles should seem pretty familiar – even if you’ve never studied design formally, you probably know some of them instinctively. Let’s name them, […]

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The Janitor, the Nanny and their Secret Artworks that Fetch a Lifetime’s Salary…Post Mortem [+ VIDEO]

| May 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

In 1973 a reclusive janitor named Henry Darger died in a Catholic mission in Chicago. On the day after his eighty-first birthday, his landlords discovered his body, and among the detritus they found Darger’s previously unseen works of art. In addition to a 15,000-page manuscript, they found enormous — and extensive —cartooned epics depicting otherworldly […]

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