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This is not a manifesto. Manifesti are for brutish art movements and bearded bomb builders. We also think “Mission Statement” is a bit huggy and overwrought and “About Us,” well, too pedestrian. So who are we? Let us begin by telling you who we are not.

We’re not into jacking other people’s journalism and claiming it as our own. Our pieces are original and hopefully equal parts edifying and entertaining, or utterly absurd. We may aggregate pieces from time to time but will spin the living hell out of it and snipe it from another angle.

So, what exactly is Glittersnipe? We are a global, highbrow/lowbrow magazine with original content that works in concert with, and comments on, legitimate journalism, as well as total nonsense. We think proper grammar and snappy graphics are important (right down to our custom-designed Facebook and Twitter buttons). We love five-syllable words when they’re in the same sentence as “motherfucker.” We like following up an exposé on why U.S. aid to Pakistan is a waste, with a virtual love letter to the wonders of Japanese commodery (and we love to make up words like “commodery” because  it just makes sense).

Glittersnipe is a consortium, if you will (will you?), of talented writers, photographers, and artists from New York to Paris and Bangkok to Katmandu waxing and sniping on all things political, cultural, and aesthetic — or not.

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Maiden Voyage  — 05.09.2012