Hubris, Mendacity, and Assholism — Why New Yorkers Are Gagging on Weiner

| July 24, 2013

We wanted to believe him.  On the day he resigned from Congress, Anthony Weiner delivered a lachrymose apology for “bringing disgrace” to his loved ones and he asked for forgiveness — and for over a year following that speech, he continued pursing his lips and sexting his scepter to strangers.

When then-Congressman Weiner dipped his toe into the mayoral-hopeful waters a decade ago, it seemed his whiny voice and last name were practically insurmountable handicaps. Yet after twelve years of Mayor Bloomberg’s nasal ninnying, Weiner sounded practically mellifluous and the media was finally ready to stop making “weiner” jokes. (No, they didn’t.) The problem became less about his name, or even the fact that he had had pseudo indiscretions, but it’s the constant apologizing about his lying (while he was apologizing for lying) that will be Weiner’s Waterloo.

Many on the left will stamp their feet that Democratic New Yorkers should stand by their candidate. New Yorkers don’t stand by someone because they have a parenthetical “D” following their name, we stand behind candidates whose principles dovetail with our own, politicians who stand for what they believe is right, and whose veracity we can depend upon. We do not stand beside hubristic, mendacious mealy-mouthed punks who can’t wait to send pictures of their junk the second their wife and newborn child steps out for a stroll. We didn’t mock and condem South Carolina for welcoming back former Governor Mark Sandford, then turn around and throw a cloak over Weiner while he furiously masterbates into his Blackberry after he already said he wouldn’t do it anymore.

And let’s not forget, New Yorkers weren’t so much willing to forgive Weiner for his pictures and peccadillos as he rose in the polls; rather they were more interested in getting Quinn out of the picture.

Powerful politicians have always delved in dalliances from presidents Cleveland, Harding, Kennedy, et. al and even President Clinton was able to rise above the fray from his “sex with that woman” over time.

While the G.O.P. consistently re-elects their infidels — from Newt Gingrich to Congressman-elect Sanford who was recently accepted back into the fold by a blinded-by-the-right constituency —Democrats, conversely, will toss their own kind under the bus, and we’ve had it Weiner. Unlike the right’s cry of “family values,” the left cares less of sexual escapades and more about hypocrisy, unctuousness, and hubris.

New York’s former Governor Spitzer was not cast out of office because he repeatedly visited a call girl; he was booted because he’d previously built his career on not just standing up to Wall Street, but busting prostitution rings. And now he’s tossing his cap (and one hopes the socks he kept on while hooking up with the hookers) back into the political ring for state comptroller. This is not unlike former Mayor Giuliani, coming back and running for dog catcher, which, in point of fact, he would likely lose. Former presidential hopeful John Edwards didn’t get the cold shoulder because he was bedding a hanger-on, his political descent spiraled because his wife was dying of cancer while he cheated.

  • So why was Weiner struggling to shrug off the mantle of his sexting scandal? It’s simple: We actually saw it. The images of Weiner duck-lipping while taking “selfies” shirtless — and more — will never go away. And while the unctuous level of the photos is astronomical, it’s the hubris that engendered them that is the real cause to pause. Sending countless images of himself and sexting with several strangers across the country, shows a chronic lapse in critical judgment; He actually believed he could get away with it. And now to swing back to the slime factor for a moment, remember this: his gorgeous, intelligent fianceé was pregnant at the time. And after that press conference, he continued doing what he was apologizing for.

In the video, in which he announced his campaign he said, “Look, I made some big mistakes, and I know I let a lot of people down, but I’ve also learned some tough lessons.” Yesterday, upon learning that Weiner had actually learned nothing, New Yorkers finally learned that they were finished with forgiving this slimy schmuck.

New Yorkers want their politicos to own up to their foibles and move on but Weiner’s namby-pamby apologias are embarrassing and worse: they can’t be believed. The City needs a tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoners mayor who’ll fight for what he believes in. NYC mayors are, after all, a special breed who are known for their take-it-or-leave-it bravado — whether we’ve liked it or not. But Weiner, simply put, ain’t got the stuff.

This video compilation is a reminder of the greatness that Weiner was once capable of,  yet after viewing the congressman deliver a series of epic congressional diatribes, the first comment underneath said:  “Hey, isn’t the guy who took pictures of his dick?”  Well, we forgave once but forget and forgive again? Fuhgeddabouit.


And who will Glittersnipe endorse? We’ve been saying the same thing most other New Yorkers have been saying: “I can’t stand Quinn, I’m tired of hearing about Weiner’s wiener, so I’m looking at Bill de Blassio — but I don’t know anything about him.” Once we’ve learned more we’ll be making a decision — after we’ve checked out Bill Thompson whom we know little about except that he seems a swell guy. Either way, we’re leaning toward a Bill on the bill.

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