Perrier’s Ads Are So Hot, Straight Girls May Consider ‘Above-the-Waist Lady Sex’ [VIDEO]

| June 5, 2013

When Glittersnipe fan, and CEO of, Laurie Wolfe sent us these videos suggesting we post them, we appreciated her thinking of us but frankly we weren’t very interested; we very rarely publish videos anyway. We thanked her and said we’d pass,  but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and wrote us back.

She mentioned how both Perrier advertisements sprang from the minds of the geniuses at Ogilvy and Mather,  and how brilliant the art direction was, and that’s swell but that’s not what got our attention. Here’s what Wolfe said that piqued our interests:

“… and then, if that doesn’t do it for you, these women are so damn gorgeous that even straight girls are going to be wanting some above-the-waist lady sex!”

That was about all we needed to hear. Burlesque star Dita von Teese splashed up in Perrier is enough to boil water, and how can you not love a golden-clad astronaut a la 2001:Space Odyssey-cum-Emma Peel who saves the world? Oh, indeed. (Click here for second video)

Above-the-waist lady sex anyone?

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