Abercrombie & Fitch’s Image Gets Redefined — But Not the Way the CEO Intended [VIDEO]

| May 15, 2013

From sartorial vigilantism to callousness to altruism, there is so much going on in Greg Karber’s short video that it’s enough to throw your emotions into a spin cycle.  Though the commentary is certainly humorous, when segued with images of homeless people, the effect morphs slightly squirmy.

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Ultimately, however, we believe that the end result justifies the means: donating clothes to the homeless. 

We reached out to Anonymous Southern White Woman, whose recent open letter to Abercrombie and Fitch‘s CEO Michael Jeffries has gone viral, for comment:

“Bravo, white boy! Way to stick it to that pompous potato head. I wish I had some A&F clothes to contribute, but I’m not a douchey frat boy. Are there leper colonies in your area? You might consider dropping off some tank tops there. Just a thought.”

Thank you, Anonymous Southern White Woman. Stay tuned and make sure you “like” our Facebook page and follow us on the Twitter because ASWW has told us that she’s working on an open letter to Monsanto, which pretty much means the anticipation will keep us awake at night until we received it.

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