Hookers, Hissy Fits, and Mergers — ‘Mad Men’ Season 6, Episode 5

| May 8, 2013

The most recent episode of Mad Men contained so many mergers, alliances, and dalliances — both on and off the clock — that the show felt more like a season finale.


When Peggy’s boss Ted gave her an impulsive smooch in office, she seemed so smitten that we were hoping to set our clocks to the demise of her hippy-ass dirt-head boyfriend. And that was only one of the minor turning points.


Megan, in an effort to spice up her marriage, shimmied into handkerchief-size dresses that barely covered her lady parts and piled on the hair pieces. And as over-the-top glamorous as she was, let’s face it, until she gives up her career and pops back into the stenographers’ pool, Don will always be bored.


Pete ran into his Porky Pig-looking father-in-law at the whore house with a Pearl Bailey impersonator, but the joke was on Pete, when Daddy-O pulled his account from the firm the following day. Pete unleashed a series of hissy fits that make that blonde girl from The Bad Seed look downright cuddly. His most desperate brat-attack came when he stormed back to the suburbs to tell Trudy that he saw her father with a negro prostitute —who magically got blacker and fatter every time Pete mentioned her. Trudy had about all she could stand of this revelation and demanded they end to their marriage.


Hookers and hooched-up office shenanigans are what we’ve come to expect throughout all the seasons of Mad Men, but when Peggy’s current boss Ted and her former boss Don decided to join forces and merge the agencies — well, that’s the stuff that finales are made of.


And Peggy appeared more stunned than happy about the convergence. But why should she be happy? Flying the coop at SCDP was the best thing that ever happened to her. She finally buttoned up into some better outfits, got a more flattering hairdo,  and landed her very own huge office staffed with her manly minions who shivered at her beck and call. Peggy was, for all intents and purposes. on her way to becoming the female Don Draper. How will Peggy ever be able to dance backward into her former broom closet where she’s still remembered as the secretary-who-done-good.  


Clearly there’s room for only one Don Draper in that office — but with Peggy and Ted now entering the fray, the battle for the Alpha Advertiser could prove a fight to the finish.


Until then, we’re looking forward to more trips to the whorehouse, more hissy fits, and more surprise make-out sessions in the episodes to come — meanwhile, we’ll guzzle our Elderflower spirits and wring our hands in anticipation.

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