Becoming a Cyborg — with Eidos, it’s Sooner Than You Think

| May 7, 2013

It was only a mater of time before we became cyborgs. Now, thanks to four students from London’s Royal College of Art, we may all soon possess pseudo-super powers.

The students have created “Edios,” which consists of two devices: one for aural sensory enhancement, and another for increased visual capabilities and effects.

The apparatuses are able to focus in on what the listener or viewer wishes to experience, while diminishing background sounds or visual static.

When listening, the machine, which uses a directional microphone to zoom toward the desired voice or music, filters out the superfluity, then amplifies the desired sound via bone vibrations into the inner ear. The effect, the students told Dezeen is not unlike “hearing someone talk right inside your head.”

At a symphony, for example, you can zero in to the xylophone, or at a concert; focus on Fatone and block out Bass.

The vision device has even more bells and whistles. In addition to on-demand tunnel visioning, a camera and computer inside the headset translates optical effects into real time. You can watch a ballerina pirouette leaving behind smoky plumes of movement, or watch chop-splice images of a thoroughbred steeplechasing across a hedge.

Can’t wait for the cyborg experience? Drop a hit of acid; it’s more or less the same thing — or so we’ve been told.

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