‘Mad Men’ Look-Alikes — Were Bert Cooper and Col. Sanders Separated at Birth?

| April 29, 2013

As our favorite Mad Men characters don sideburns, shorter skirts, and vivid sartorial choices, we couldn’t help but notice some of the art directors’ patent — and terrific —  references. If you can think of more of them, we’d love to hear from you: click here to drop us a line!


1. Betty Meet Betty
Never have we felt more kinship with Bobby than when he screamed “You look ugly” upon seeing his mother’s newly ravened coif.


2. Finger-lickin’ Goodness
Bertram Cooper is brilliant and now he’s even more tasty than before. Look at that little strumpet licking on the Colonel’s moist drumstick — she is clearly Peggy’s shameless doppelganger.


3. Something Smarmy This Way Comes
We think it’s perfectly fitting that as Pete grows more and more unctuous over the years that he appears to be morphing into a slightly butcher Senator Lindsey Graham.


4. Hatefull’r and Hatefull’r
We’re  convinced that Harry Crane’s jungled hirsutism is somehow related to his increased boughts of assholism.  There is no doubt that this photo of Howard Cosell, wearing his golden Wild World of Sports jacket, posing next to Gabe Kaplan (and his footlong facewarmers) was inspiration for Harry’s new hairy look.


5. The Magical Resemblance of Joan’s Mom and a Mystic
Joan’s mother, Gail Holloway, isn’t nearly as feminine as famed Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado, but she is at times equally odd. We’re pretty sure that Walter actually hogtied and gagged Gail and took over the role of Joan’s mom for the past two seasons.


6.  Booooo to the Bitchy Behemoth
Betty’s mother-in-law Pauline always seems like she’s in a horror flick and it’s no wonder because she is clearly the Green Ghost from Scooby-Do. You’re welcome.


7. So Many References, So Little Time
Copy writer Ginsberg on the left and Peggy’s boyfriend Abe Dexler on the right are some hot hairy messes but we find their ability to transform from Anonymous to Frank Zappa to be damned impressive.

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