Mike Tyson Talks Smack About Cannoli and Earl Grey Tea

| April 25, 2013

In a breakfast interview with Versus Network’s Tea With Tyson, the boxer exclaimed that “chamomile’s cool,” but he did not care for the other selection on hand saying flatly that “Earl Grey sucks.”

And when the host, Reese Waters, offered Tyson a plate of cannoli (the plural of canollo is cannoli) the boxer recoiled: “I hate cannolis…they’re too sweet…they’re like a curse to me…they’re horrible.” The interviewer persisted, that Tyson should probably reexamine his relationship with the Italian treats but the boxer would have none of it and responded speaking in first-person that he knows “the relationship Mike Tyson has with cannolis.”

“We have a relationship,” Tyson continued. “It’s not as if I saw them and I judged them. I had experiences with them, I had engagements with them and it didn’t turn out very nice.”

In a complete non sequitor, when asked about regifting a wedding present such as a toaster, Tyson clearly looked down his nose at the idea but recommended taking it “to the pawn shop” as a perfectly acceptable idea. Because pawn shops are always looking for good toasters.


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