BREAKING: North Korea Targets U.S. with ‘High-Level Nuclear’ Threat

| January 24, 2013

The North Korean National Defense Commission announced via state media today the threat of a “full-fledged confrontation” against the United States for what it insists are continuous hostile actions against their country.

In a country so cloaked in secrecy, and steadied by an absurdest propaganda department — where even the age of its newest dictator was subject for debate until recently — it’s wise to raise an eyebrow.

North Korea is well-known for making pugnacious threats over the decades, however, in the past their blusterings were previously met with international shrugs and wrist-slappings. But no longer. The stammering foot-stomping child of Asia now possesses nuclear capabilities and an increased determination to improve their rocket-launching wherewithal.

The statement promised to settle “accounts with the U.S.” saying that it must be done “with force, not with words as it regards jungle law as the rule of its survival.”

The so-called “continued hostility,” which Pyongyang is reacting to is actually a tightening of U.S. sanctions against North Korea for the country’s aggressive go-it-alone rocket launch in December. The rocket in question, which crashed, was investigated by analysts who confirmed that if successfully launched, it did possess the capability to reach the U.S.

The country’s thirty-year old despot Kim Jong-Un has been in power for less than two years and is restless to flex his muscle and prove to the politburo that he is worthy of his succession. He is also establishing himself as possibly even more aggressive than his father and grandfather who ruled before him. But what makes Kim legitimate is that he will soon have the actual means to follow through with his threats.

The statement from Pyongyang did not mince words:

 “We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States.”

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  1. eddieVroom says:

    Methinks it’s time for China to put down it’s aging and ailing lapdog.