BREAKING NEWS: Shots Ring Out at Texas College

| January 22, 2013

HOUSTON — Shots rang out shortly after noon at a college near Houston, Texas, today.

One alleged gunman is already in custody and police are pursuing a possible second suspect. An eyewitness reported hearing five or six shots.

Lone Stare College in North Harris, Texas, alerted staff and students of a shooting via their website and Facebook. Officials have currently placed the school on lock down and posted: “IF YOU ARE NOT ON CAMPUS DON’T GO TO CAMPUS.”

The shooting may have occurred in the library. One staff member reported that she and her coworkers were rushed into the cafeteria before she was allowed to leave.

According to a college employee, there are multiple shooting victims resulting from crossfire. No deaths have been reported.

The two-year college is currently enrolled with 18,000 students.

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