Glittersnipe’s Most Popular Images and Articles of 2012

| December 29, 2012

We admit our guidelines were odd. The slideshow below features Glittersnipe’s  most popular articles that also happened to feature cover images made specifically for that particular article.

The most popular of 2012, Aftermath: A Distorted View of America and Why Seceding Can’t Succeed, received over 40,000 readers in just two days. It also crashed our system.  However, it did not make the cut since our art department did not create cover art.  This restriction allowed some of our lesser-known articles such as Words You Should Never Say in Restaurants, which happens to feature one of my favorite images of the entire year, to squeak into place.

Buggery and the Bible,  a Scripture-laden piece  that centered around a young girl’s coming out via Facebook was read by nearly 30,000 people and that article, with its made-for-Glittersnipe cover image made the cut.  However another popular article did not make the cut: Mona Shaikh’s How to Piss of a Muslim, which features a terrific image of the author in hijab, bikini, and bearing firearms — but we didn’t create the image and it didn’t make the slideshow.

Our meme Pro-Choice Republican Women, which was made for our Public Service Announcement category, was the fifteenth most-visited page on Glittersnipe. Even though the image was featured on and tweeted by Planned Parenthood, it was only a sharable graphic — not an article —  and was therefore ineligible.

By hovering your cursor under each image, the corresponding title will appear. To scroll to the next cover image, click to the right. And to read the article click on the center of the image.

We hope your favorite feature made the cut this year and we thank you for your readership — and wish you the best for a healthy and prosperous 2013.

Christina D’Angelo
Editor in Chief



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