It Isn’t the Right Time to Discuss Gun Control; For Many, It’s Too Late

| December 14, 2012

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It is time to discuss gun control. Indeed, the time has actually passed for many people — many children — in Newtown, in Aurora, in Stockton, in Columbine, in Omaha,  and countless other cities throughout the United States.

It’s a time for mourning. It is also a time for action. It is a time for all politicians — Democrats and Republicans — to shake off the shackles of the National Rifle Association and other gun lobbyists. It’s time for a federal law that forces all states to require a permit to purchase shotguns or rifles. Connecticut currently does not a require a permit to carry or purchase the aforementioned firearms, though a handgun does require a permit.  While Connecticut has some of the  strictest  laws on semi-automatic weapons, out of the three states that border the Constitution State, only New York has a ban on assault weapons (Rhode Island and Massachusetts do not).  The only other states in the union that have partial or full bans on assault weapons are  New Jersey, Illinois, and California.

Rifles are used for hunting deer. Semi-automatic assault weapons are used to hunt people. It’s time to ban them now, and it’s time for stricter gun control laws for all firearms. For many, however, the time is too late.


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