The Week in Smirk – 12.02.12

| November 30, 2012

On Thursday, Governor Romney dined at the White House for the traditional loser’s luncheon. The event is surely one of our nation’s strangest and most uncomfortable dining experiences, second only to when your Obama bumper-stickered car pulled up to Uncle Carl’s house on Thanksgiving. McDonald’s and Burger King employees in New York protested for increased wages and  the right to start a union. McDonald’s: the touchstone and go-to reference for the worst job you can possibly have in the entire world, yet somehow this is news. Republicans got angry about a black woman named Rice who wanted  to be secretary of state and wanted to send thousands of troops to die in Iraq based on a lie that the Middle Eastern country had weapons of mass destruction. Oh, no, wait — wrong Rice.  Sorry.





All of the Above Waks-a-Tooneries Were Provided by Joe Waks for Glittersnipe!

This Cat Wears Terrific Hats for Your Amusement. You’re Welcome!

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Joe Waks is a largely self-taught painter, photographer and printmaker who resides in beautiful Bayonne, New Jersey. He is also an attorney who has worked at the highest levels of local, state and federal government in his beloved Garden State. For more of Wak's works, please visit

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