The Week in Smirk — Special Edition: The Election in Smirkness

| November 4, 2012

In a very special Week in Smirk, Glittersnipe is reliving some of the highlights of Smirkery throughout this election season.  Many of the images feature hyperlinks to either share with your so-called friends or to relive some of the more exciting moments blow by blow with Glittersnipe’s best articles from the campaigns. We hope you enjoy them all!

Week of 5.13.12:

The New York Times reveals that Mitt Romney, after making fun of a fellow student for supposedly being gay, later pins the boy down and cut off his hair. IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 5.20.12:

The NAACP gave their nod of approval for marriage equality — meanwhile, Governor Romney, whose great-grandfather had twelve wives, confirmed his stance on “traditional marriage.” IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 07.01.12:

If elected, Governor Romney said he would repeal and replace Obamacare (a term that is now no longer pejorative). While he awaited the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Constitutionality of the health care overhaul, a podium was placed on the roof of a D.C. office building in preparation for Mr. Romney’s remarks. (The New York Times felt oddly compelled to report that said building “also houses a Charlie Palmer steakhouse.” Perhaps the Western Sizzlin in Alexandria just wasn’t fancy enough for them.) Mr. Romney had prepared several speeches depending upon the SCOTUS outcome, and it’s pretty safe to say that this little news chat was his shortest, which clocked it at four minutes.  IMAGE; JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 07.15.12:


Week of 08.05.12:

First lady Michelle Obama, in an extravagant and controversial move, surprised the president for his 51st birthday by having Marilyn Monroe exhumed (on the fiftieth anniversary on her death) and reanimated with the wizardly of Julie Taymor’s Tony Award-winning puppetry. IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 08.12.12:

Ann Romney’s horse sucks. The fifteen-year-old mare, named Rafalca, was lazy and hates America. Olympic insiders had their own moniker for the horse that was leaked to the Daily News yesterday, “Lucifer’s Anus,” due to the pet’s penchant for Swiss dairy products and alarming flatulence. (Actually, we totally made that last part up.) IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE


Yesterday Governor Romney chose his vice presidential running mate, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and everyone fell fast asleep. Ryan, a social Darwinist, believes that competing for limited resources culls the heard, and that superior humans naturally rise to the top on the backs of their inferiors. Ryan’s simian-like forehead, however, suggests that the candidate may well be Darwin’s missing link. IMAGE: CHRISTOPHER ZARA FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 09.02.12

The R.N.C. is held in Tampa, Florida. IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE


Click image for full review of the R.N.C. debacle. IMAGE: CHRISTOPHER ZARA FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 09.09.12:

Fox News’s distorted view the D.N.C. plummets to new low. (Attention: Satire Alert) JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Click to read Glittersnipe’s review of the D.N.C. IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 10.07.12:

When unemployment numbers dipped to their lowest numbers during the entire Obama administration, the right called it a conspiracy, and Romney said it wasn’t enough. Well, of course he did. IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE


During the first presidential debate, Romney said that he would cut funding to PBS. Democrats created hilarious Sesame Street memes while still wiping away tears when recalling how Obama slept through the entire debate. CLICK TO SHARE this image on your page.

Week of 10.14.12

Representitive Ryan got his ass handed to him in the vice presidential debate and Vice President Biden thought the entire evening was fucking hilarious. CLICK to relive that glorious moment and read Glittersnipe’s review! IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 10.21.12:

The second presidential debate featured undecided voters asking the candidates questions. Obama was the clear victor to anyone who had a grain of sense. CLICK on this image to relive that terrific debate with Glittersnipe’s review. IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE


If you did not see at least twenty to fifty “binders” memes in your Facebook news feed the following morning then there can only be one explanation: You’re not on Facebook. IMAGE: JOE WAKS FOR GLITTERSNIPE

Week of 10.08.12

Obama decidedly wins third debate though Fox News says the president lost because he was “snarky..” Idiots who watch Fox News repeat the work “snarky” and “snark” ad nauseum because they clearly have no defense. Grab a tasty beverage and CLICK HERE to relive that glorious night in American History with our review of the debate!

Week of 11.04.12:

Romney thought FEMA was terrible — until he thought it was terrific. He also referred to cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy as not unlike picking up rubbish after a high school football game. CLICK this image to share it! IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE.COM

Americans look forward to the day when they’ll never have to see this jackass’s ad ever again. Click to share this image! IMAGE: GLITTERSNIPE.COM


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  1. Jenn X says:

    Oh, my GOD! The Marilyn Monroe one… I am crying! The one where the girl is serving dog food! How did I miss that one the fist time! BRAVO to Glittersnipe!!!!