The Week in Smirk — 10.28.12

| October 28, 2012

While the battle for the presidency rages onward — and old white Republican men saying “rape is God’s plan” once or twice, Hurricane Sandy has been sweeping away most mentions of politics (mercifully) for a few days. That is until Republicans blame President Obama for his handling of the disaster. (Spoiler: Whatever he does, they will say he should have done the opposite.)  Meanwhile, New Yorkers can’t decide which is worse: city-wide disasters or when Mayor Mike Bloomberg slaughters the Spanish language at every press conference. And with Halloween only a few days away, your hurricane preparation can dovetail perfectly with your “sexy cat” or “sexy nurse” costume preparation by gorging yourself indoors.  And join us next week when we’ll feature a special wrap-up of the entire election season. Batten down your hatches, and toss that hooch down the hatch! Cheers, Eastern Seaboarders — and be safe!

Christopher Zara for Glittersnipe. (CLICK GRAPHIC TO SHARE!)




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