The Week in Smirk — 10.14.12

| October 14, 2012

Thursday’s vice-presidential debate had Democrats slapping their thighs and cackling while Vice President Biden whipped the whippersnapper Representative Ryan into oblivion. The debate also left the right furious over Biden’s “lack of manners” as though somehow political debates should be conducted with the genteel decorum of a cotillion.  While Democrats trumpeted victory, Republicans spewed their denials via social media in a stream of misspellings and  grammatical jihad (two Ryan supporters even vented on Glittersnipe’s Facebook page, though they were unable to spell the words “president” and “Republican”).   Lance Armstrong was totally doped up.   And the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the entire European Union, which is not unlike giving soccer trophies to sick kids on the sidelines because they had the courage to get out of the station wagon.




(The Above Waks-a-Tooneries Were Provided By Joe Waks For Glittersnipe!)



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