The Week In Smirk — 09.30.12

| September 30, 2012

This week an ancient papyrus revealed that Jesus of Nazareth might have been more of a ladies’ man than anyone realized — a theory that will come as no surprise to all the Urban Outfitters shoppers who bought one of those “Jesus Did It for the Chicks” T-shirts.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad donned the “regular guy” look at the United Nations General AssemblyAnd Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proved a red Sharpie can be more powerful than PowerPoint while bullying your strongest ally in front of the entire world. 






Waks-a-Tooneries Are Provided by Joe Waks for Glittersnipe!


This Cat Is Wearing a Costume For Your Amusement! You’re Welcome!

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Joe Waks is a largely self-taught painter, photographer and printmaker who resides in beautiful Bayonne, New Jersey. He is also an attorney who has worked at the highest levels of local, state and federal government in his beloved Garden State. For more of Wak's works, please visit

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