The Week in Smirk — 09.23.12

| September 23, 2012

This week, the progressive magazine Mother Jones burst back into the spotlight with one more finely forged nail for Governor Romeny’s campaign coffin with The Romney Tapes. At the same time graphic artists and comedians received an early Christmas present: the term “47 percent.” We at Glittersnipe couldn’t resist getting in on the fun with an homage to Mother Jones (click here) as well as an homage to our country’s combat soldiers who happen to be part of that so-called 47 percent (click here).     On Monday, police in New York’s Financial District  frog-marched over 150 peaceful protesters who were gathered for the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which included roughly twenty people wearing animal costumes dancing in what appeared to be Manhattan’s version of Burning Man.  Meanwhile frustrated grammarians self-immolated as news sources ignored their style guides and wrote “one-year anniversary,” completely forgetting that anniversary actually means “year.” We’re looking at you Huffington Post, NPR, and NBC News.  And controversy continued to swirl over the casting of the very pale, very pretty Zoe Saldana (Avatar) to portray Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic Nina.








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