‘Legitimate Rape’ Satire Video Stirs Conflicting Emotions

| August 30, 2012


As this disturbing and thought-provoking video makes the social-media rounds today, it leaves in its wake a deluge of wishy-washy commentary from online journalists who are either too flabbergasted to gauge their own emotions, or who are simply lacking the spines to opine. The irreverent video, which uses humor as a foil to slice at the G.O.P.’s legislative “war on women” is intentionally upsetting, yet few are actually up to the task to defend it.

Earlier today Jessica Coen of Jezebel,  pogo-sticked her way throughout a minefield of emotions and asinine commentary and ended up falling flat as she reported the story — then left it up to you the reader to decide.  Billy Hallowell of The Blaze reported that the “budding consensus” is that the satire is a “joke” gone too far, and then asked readers what they think. The operative word in the article’s opening line is  “joke,” which for those who had not actually seen it would assume the video, which features a simulated rape scene, is a horrific display of insensitivity and poor taste.  But that is not the case — it is not a joke. Yes, there are a few jabs of “funny” in the cartoon section of the video, but if this leaves you laughing throughout, then you’ve more than missed the point: You’ve lost it.

Meanwhile, the attention is diverted from the fact that Todd Akin made an ignorant and inflammatory statement to questions about whether or not this satiric commentary had gone too far.

This is supposed to upset you;  that is clearly the intent. Is it too much, as some have claimed? No, it is not. What inspired the satire is too much.

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  1. Buck Jones says:

    Well it did have a funny tag-line, “just like regular birth control, only as imagined by crazy people.”

  2. B.Corbrige says:

    Yes! If you think it’s rape then it’s rape! We have to stop hiding and and stop blaming ourselves!!!