Five Things We Can’t Believe Exist — Vol. 11

| July 23, 2012


1. Three Graces Building
“In terms of architectural excellence, the Middle East and China have been leaving the west, with its design-by-committee mentality, in the dust. This brilliant three-part building, which is connected by footbridges, is designed by NOX | Lars Spuybroek and began construction in 2008…” That’s how the copy for this rendering began. We searched high and low for recent shots of the building but repeatedly came up with only these brilliant images. When no further information could be found, we asked our friends in Dubai and one after another they responded, “Nope, never seen it.” You want to know why we can’t believe Three Graces exists? Because it doesn’t exist; it was just a pipe dream.  We even Photoshopped that interior shot on there for you people and for what? Nothing. Fuck it! And fuck you, Three Graces Building.



2. This Ridiculous Food on
Our Bangkok correspondent Ploylada Sirachadapong is a food critic and editor at this Thai website, which features some of the most asininely entertaining culinary treats in Asia. We recommend you “like” their Facebook page so you don’t miss any more shots like these that they’ve curated from other creative food sites. Seriously, you’ve got to give it up for those eggy-wegs.  We hate ourselves for loving how cute this is.



3. Shiri the “Buttocks Humanoid”
This Japanese fake butt responds to human touch with a variety of responses. The promo video calls these: “emotions of ‘tension,’ ‘twitch,’ and ‘protrusion.'” Slap it and it tightens, massage it and relaxes and arches. Frankly, the original video of this product is so creepy that after power-washing our eyes and sandpapering our souls clean, we decided not to show it to you. Instead, if you click on the photo above, you’ll get to see our new favorite Japanese super hero: Bashful Girl and her dangerous derriere. 



4. These Air Fresheners
Disney’s new food-scented cardboard olfactory “fresheners” has Mouse lovers nearly weeping with excitement that now their cars (where most of them live) can smell like amusement park food. One scent that has these Disney fans particularly overjoyed is the Mickey Waffle and if you listen quietly you can hear floorboards crack all across our great land as they collectively jump for joy over any mention of this blessed treat. “Sweet smellings”  is one thing but savory scents, as well? Surely Chris Christie’s wife is accustomed to smelling underpants reeking of forgotten turkey legs and  melted premium ice cream bars — and now you can have that same odor, without that messy cleanup!



5. Yayoi Kusama’s Ubiquity
Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is everywhere and we love it. From her recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton (polka dotted bags, shoes, sunglasses, etc.) to L.V.’s  New York flagship store wrapped in the black and white dots. Now posters of  the octogenarian artist are plastered throughout the city announcing her new retrospective at The Whitney Museum of American Art.  New Yorkers just can’t get enough of the nutty Nihon-jin, which is perfect since she’s a tireless self-promoter and can been seen at nearly every society event, gallery opening, and bubble tea shop.

Many people in the art world — noting Yayoi Kusama’s reliance on a wheel chair — have whispered this may be the artist’s triumphant swan song, while we noticed her uncanny likeness to Mrs. Swan from Mad TV as seen in this recent press junket.


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