The Week in Smirk — 07-22-12

| June 22, 2012

On Tuesday every New York tabloid blew their journalistic wads and wept at the news that their is no more need for their Linsipid puns now that Jeremy Lin will no longer be with the New York Knicks. “Who?” asked everyone in the 10021 zip code, while the everyone in the Bronx took turns running over each others’ heads.  On Wednesday Syria’s President Bashar al-Assag’s top aides were killed by the insurgency, which now leaves the despot more precariously perched than ever before.  Also on Wednesday, New Yorkers learned that the M.T.A. has decided to allow advertising on the front side of the now-iconic MetroCards, in fact, the entire space is up for grabs save for the black swipe stripe. ♣  And on Friday the midnight massacre at the Batman screening soon ripped open the nation’s gun debate with neither side having the dignity to let the gunpowder settle before releasing a barrage of blame on every institution, organization, and political persuasion. Sit down




(The Previous Waks-a-Tooneries Were Provided By Joe Waks for Glittersnipe!)



Batman Shooting

Shining a Light on Blame


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