The Week in Smirk – 07.15.12

| June 15, 2012

The Guardian reported today that Silvio Berlusconi is, once again, announcing that he is physically fit and ready to toss his dick into the political ring, among other places. It seems the former prime minister is finding it difficult to score hot underage immigrant girls looking for political favors now that he’s a private citizen. Italians journalists and comedians formed the world’s largest circle-jerk around the Colosseum in celebration, while normal citizens emptied their bank accounts. Mitt Romney received a rousing reception at the NAACP this week, in spite of the fact that he flew in several black Republicans to shill-fill the crowd. One particular black man wasn’t exactly thrilled about all that whitesplain’ (click here). ♣  If the economy is tightening your food budget, Ken-L Ration is to the rescue, and Glittersnipe has just the recipe to please the kids this Sunday supper.   Katie Holmes is less creepy, and more sympathetic, after officially shunning Scientology and Tom Cruise — which is the only thing that makes this story remotely interesting — and may get a terrific career boost like her predecessors.





(The Above Waks-a-Tooneries Were Provided by Joe Waks for Glittersnipe)


All the Angels' Careers Soared After Their Divorces. (Ah fuck -- sorry Mimi.)


This cat totally speaks German! "Ich hasse dich!" Thanks, Helmut! "Fuck you."

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  1. Kürt Hängend says:

    So funny this is one of the best ones yet and the german cat is too much funny!!!!!!

  2. sung bau vat va HCMC says:

    those puppetts looks reall and I was laughing at the Mimi lady she looks so mad! Now i am going to make the meatloaf dogfood ha ha i love this but not my husdund!