Five Things We Can’t Believe Exist – Vol. 07

| June 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

(Photo: Louise Walker)

1. Louise Walker’s Knitted Wigs
We think young British fashion photographer and master knitter Louise Walker has kitted up some damn terrific creations. To speak to her about her brilliant bespoke designs or to purchase some of her prêt-à-porter pieces, please visit her Etsy Page.



2. Scouse Brows
This is the next biggest thing to come out of Liverpool since the Beatles. No, it isn’t. The U.K.’s much-derided show Desperate ScouseWives (“scouse” is slang for a specific accent from Northwestern England ) featured these Liverpudlian lovelies rocking some Majik Marker brows and bearing an uncanny resemblance to Lou Ferrigno from The Incredible Hulk and a slightly more masculine Charlie Chaplin.



3. The Face Slimmer
This $80 face exerciser comes to us from (wait for it) Japan. As you can clearly see, this is the newest, and most elegant, tool in the anti-aging war. Japanese technological advances and superior design have long set the gold standard around the world — and now this is happening. We’re particularly intrigued by the lady in the bathtub who looks incredibly annoyed, while the girl in the top right photo makes us want to grab a fistful of Jordan Almonds and start chucking.



4. These Jeans.
We expect this from Whitesnake cover bands, and under the robes of cross-burners, but sold at one of the finest department stores in the country? Please note that this post on the store’s fan page received 657 “likes” and 44 shares, and Franci Taty thinks this is a “super cool outfit.” Barney’s New York is shamelessly selling these “patriotic” dungarees for $218 and has the baffling temerity to ask us what we’d “style” these with. You can see our comment in the image. What would you style with these dungarees?




5. Joycelyn Elders Is Actually Becoming Madea
While Glittersnipe firmly agrees with Joycelyn Elders, we can’t help but be alarmed at how the former U. S. Surgeon General has so deftly transformed herself into Tyler Perry’s Madea.


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  1. Megan says:

    Incredible! Anti-aging or blow-up doll fantasy mouth?! Oh Good Lord you crack me up!

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