Purse-Savvy Pinks – Five Under Ten

| May 18, 2012

Get it? You may remember this man from the ten dollar bill: He’s America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and you see, these wines are all ten bucks and under. Get it? We didn’t think so. But do you know what you can get? You can get blind drunk all summer long on these  wines and not break the bank. Get it?  The Secretary of the Treasury? You know, banks? You so didn’t get that.

If you can find better rosés for under ten dollars we’ll eat our tricorn hats, or better yet, we’ll challenge you to a duel. Get it? “A duel” because Vice President Burr shot him and…

We need a drink.


1. Navarra Garnacha Tinta Gran Fuedo – 2010 – Navarra, Spain
Garnacha, Spain’s hardest working grape,  shows off all its dark plushy goodness in traditional Gran Feudo style. This rosado is made using the saignée method and is heady with black cherries, and balanced with light acidity.
(grape: Garnacha Tinta- $8.99 – PJ  Wines)



2. Vinho de Mesa Ro Famega – 2011 Minho,  Portugal
Portugal’s highly government-subsidized vineyard system translates into high quality wines on the cheap. This vinho verde rosé, made in the style of “green” (young) wine is thin with notes of pales fruit and watermelon rinds.
(grapes: Roriz and Touriga Nacional – $8. – Dandelion Wines)


3, Bordeaux Ro Chateau de Castelneau – 2010 – Bordeaux, France
Made in the  mineral-rich region of Entre-deux-Mer in Bordeaux, this small family winery has been working with the Cabernet Sauvignon grape for a good many generations. Notes of spice, ripe plums, with soft tannins. 
(grape- Cabernet Sauvignon – $10 – Big Tree Bottles and The Bottle Shoppe)


4. – Toscana IGT Impruneta Rosato Massoferrato – 2010 – Tuscany, Italy
Compared to French, Italian rosés  don’t hold back their sass.  Made from sangiovese grapes, by a small producer just outside Florence, this rosato is lush with dark fruit, and nearly as bold as a red. 

(grape- Sangiovese – $10.00 VINO and $9.95 Vine Wine


5. Vin de Pays de Méditerranée VRAC Ro 2011 – Provence, France
Don’t expect us to wax all oenophiliac-ish (we made that up) on this one; it’s a 2011 French rosé for eight bucks, what more do you need to know? Surprisingly it’s quaffable: light-bodied, subtle fruit, with just a hint of tannins. On the value/taste scale this tips well into the, why-the-hell-not category.  Invited to a friend’s beach house this summer? Ship out a case.
(grape:  Granache – $7.97 PJ Wines)


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