Why Andy Warhol Has Been Famous for Over 32,082,889 Minutes

“I usually accept people on the basis of their self-images, because their self-images have more to do with the way they think than their objective-images do.” —From The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 1975 You have to hand it to Andy Warhol. For a silly-looking guy reminiscent of Gollum in a mad-scientist wig, he had, and still […]

The Best and Worst Places to Be Gay — [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Glittersnipe would like to thank Thuy Do for her wonderful infographic and our partner in this project: PromoCode4Share, which is a wonderful website to get sales codes for everything from Urban Outfitters, Ebay, and even Amazon. We invite you to visit them and we thank them for providing us with this informative and fun […]

What Is the Real Meaning of Happiness — And How Do You Find It?

 “I do not bring back from the journey quite the same self that I took.” – Somerset Maugham Upon returning home from journeys to Burma, India, Bangladesh, or Ethiopia, I am often asked how I could deal with seeing the poverty. Or worse: variations of dismissals: “I just can’t go to those places and see […]

From Texts to Tweets: Everything the NSA Knows About You [Just the Facts]

What information does the NSA collect and how? We don’t know all of the different types of information the NSA collects, however, several secret collection programs have been revealed: A record of most calls made in the U.S., including the telephone number of the phones making and receiving the call, and how long the call […]


Anonymous Southern White Woman: ‘Y’all Bitches Need to Get the F*ck Back to Work!’

  I have had it with this motherfucking Congress on this motherfucking plane! Listen up, you Tea Party asshats. You say that you love the Constitution and the freedom and God-given liberty that our forefathers heretofore sacrificed and toiled against tyranny and slavery so the right of limited government could flourish in the bosom of […]

Prayin’ the Gay Away at the Church of the Holy Goal Post

In a quaint little corner of Alabama that can only be reached by winding two-lane roads shaded by towering pines wrapped in kudzu, there’s an old, but well-kept, Democratic Party meeting hall that’s a bit less busy than it used to be.  But on this day, more people showed up than were expected and they […]

Hubris, Mendacity, and Assholism — Why New Yorkers Are Gagging on Weiner

We wanted to believe him.  On the day he resigned from Congress, Anthony Weiner delivered a lachrymose apology for “bringing disgrace” to his loved ones and he asked for forgiveness — and for over a year following that speech, he continued pursing his lips and sexting his scepter to strangers. When then-Congressman Weiner dipped his […]

The Ten Best Reasons to L’amour La France

Recently I wrote an article celebrating ten things America still does best, and in the interest of fraternite with my newly adopted home of France, it is perhaps laudable to consider those aspects of France that are also exceptional. Too often I see the world as an endless parade of misfits, blunders, and tragedies — […]


Street to Star Episode 4: Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa

I’m back! This time I’ll take you guys to see one of the most romantic dinner spots, and I also meet the three-time world champion pizza chef Danilo.

A Taste of Bangkok — Huay Kwang Market Tour [VIDEO]

Join me on my very first video tour for Glittersnipe to one of Bangkok’s main food markets. Make sure to have your pen and paper handy to jot down some of the dishes you may want to try at your favorite Thai restaurant. (Some of my favorites are lab-pla-duk, lab-gai, kana-moo-krab, and the fish balls: […]

The Five Best Father’s Day Gifts You’ll Keep for Yourself

No doubt you’ve seen plenty of television and Web ads this week painting picturesque scenes of father-child bonding moments as they attempt to lure you into yet another holiday manufactured by the greeting-card industry. But what do you get your old man if, like most of us, your family history is less than idyllic? And […]

Mike Tyson on Eating Pet Birds, Re-gifting Wedding Presents, and Why Cannoli Suck

Mike Tyson has some very definite ideas about what he will and will not sup or sip.  In a breakfast interview with Versus Network’s Tea With Tyson, the boxer exclaimed that “chamomile’s cool,” but he did not care for the other selection on hand saying flatly that “Earl Grey sucks.” And when the host, Reese […]


One Neighborhood, Five Things — Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Yes, “Hell’s Kitchen.” The area in Manhattan from 34th Street to 59th Street and west of Eighth Avenue, goes by many names: Midtown, Midtown West, West Side, the Theater District, and Hell’s Kitchen. It is not, however, known by its official name, “Clinton,” no matter how many times New York City officials write it on […]

One Neighborhood, Five Pubs — The Steyne, Dublin 2

  My neighborhood doesn’t seem to have a modern name, and like most neighborhoods in Dublin, it is identified by the closest pub. There are probably fifteen pubs within a three-block radius of my apartment. For my own purposes I am going to use the 13th-century name for it, The Steyne, though at that time […]

One Neighborhood, Five Things — Indre By, Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a mini-metropolis that easily surpasses nearly every city in the world in aspects of livability. The Danes are famous for their food, for their environmental sensitivity, for their open and diverse culture, for their sense of design, and for their continuing pursuit of science. And if all of this […]

One Neighborhood, Five Things – Alphabet City, NYC

Once considered a feared no man’s land chock-full of gangs, drug dealers, and squatters, Alphabet City has cleaned up its act — more or less — and become a safer place to live and visit. This scrappy little bitch sister of both the Lower East Side and the East Village has finally come into its […]


North Korea ‘Exposes’ Life in U.S. via Hilarious Propaganda Video

While Glittersnipe cannot confirm the legitimacy of the translated voice over in this video, if you’ve read the government-sponsored fables North Korea cooks up, then this shouldn’t surprise you. What we can confirm, however, that while the Korean Central News Agency reported today that the military dictatorship was “trembling with towering anger at the U.S. […]

Five Things We Can’t Believe Exists – Vol. 17

1. Vine Smoothie From the country that gave the world Rembrandt, wooden shoes, fine chocolates, and tulips (no they didn’t ), comes this milky fruity wine beverage inspired by strawberry-flavored Malox and ass. These Dutch imports are now being used in conjunction with the U.S. penal system as an alternative form of execution. _____________________________ 2. […]

Five Things We Can’t Believe Exist — Vol. 16

1. Like-A-Hug Facebook Vest Designed by MIT student Melissa Kit Chow, the Like-A-Hug vest inflates when a friend “likes” a photo or status on the wearer’s Facebook page. To return the hug, simply deflate the garment, by hugging it back, and the “liker” feels the love in return.  Post a photo of kittens eating a […]

Five Things We Can’t Believe Exist — Vol.15

1. Bagel Heads When a fan sent us the Bagel Head press release, we were convinced it was a hoax — then we read the word, “Japan.” Featured this week on the National Geographic program, “Taboo,” the documentary shows people being connected with intravenous drips for several hours while about half-a-cupful of saline solution is […]


The Year in Political Memes: Glittersnipe’s Fifteen Most Popular Graphics

Sharable graphics, also known as memes, spread throughout Facebook and beyond during the 2012 presidential election — and their popularity kept our art department very busy. Here are fifteen of our most-shared political memes of the season. And if you’d like to taunt your Republican friends, please click on the images to share them — […]

Suicide Is (Not) Painless: Five Warning Signs to Look Out For

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in the United States more than 36,000 people take their own lives every year. Eighty-five Americans die as a result of firearms daily — fifty-three of them are suicides. While more suicides occur in the spring and autumn, rather than at Christmastime as is often reported, […]

It Isn’t the Right Time to Discuss Gun Control; For Many, It’s Too Late

It is time to discuss gun control. Indeed, the time has actually passed for many people — many children — in Newtown, in Aurora, in Stockton, in Columbine, in Omaha,  and countless other cities throughout the United States. It’s a time for mourning. It is also a time for action. It is a time for […]

The ‘Right to Work’ Is a Lie – State-by-State: Who’s Got It; Who Doesn’t

  The term “Right to Work,” which Republicans currently wave as as a banner to diminish unions and lower pay wages, was first used by French Socialist leader Louis Blanc in the mid-1800s and is considered one of the first sparks that lead to the French Revolution of 1848.  If, however, there is any relation […]


The Demimonde of the Super-Entitled: How Online ‘Critics’ Have Destroyed Fine Dining

| April 29, 2012 | 5 Comments

  “Since we had to wait ten minutes for our table, I thought you might want to give us something for free. Ha, I reckon it doesn’t hurt to ask, huh?” Yes. It does. From youngish Yelp-ers convinced that a yap and a laptop are the sole requisites for being a food critic to kvetching […]

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Georgia Historical Society Blames The North For Slavery, Forgets Entire Civil War

| February 20, 2014

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans wants to “set the record straight” about slavery. This video points out that the “Northern colonies of Massachusetts and Connecticut were the first to legalize slavery,” but somehow neglects to mention that it was the Southern states that fought so hard to keep it legal. Incidentally, […]

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This Pet Squirrel Hiding His Nut in a Dog’s Fur Is Officially The Greatest Thing Ever

| February 9, 2014

Little Wally needed safe place to hide his dinner. Luckily Jax, a Bernese mountain dog, was nearby. There is a lot of disturbing news out there this weekend, folks. But this video will make you forget all about it — at least for a few seconds. Enjoy. And thank you, YouTube user Shannon Apple, for […]

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Pat Robertson Is Totally Pissed At Creationists

| February 6, 2014

Watch 700 Club’s Pat Robertson call out young-earth Creationism for the nonsense that it is. “You can’t just ignore the Tyrannosaurs Rex,” says the conservative Christian host. “So there was a big bang. So what?” (We’re paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it.) h/t Right Wing Watch

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The Horrifying True Cost Of American Football In Under 2 Minutes

| February 2, 2014

This is not an easy thing to talk about, but it must be talked about. Americans love football. At the pro level, it generates $9.5 billion a year. But it comes with huge health costs, and those start in middle and high school where student players suffer concussions at an alarming rate. Children are drawn […]

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